BIM for OpenZone Campus

OpenZone is a science campus dedicated to health based on an innovation-oriented approach. It is funded entirely by private capital.

The overall investment for the works is 65 million euros. The project, designed by the architect Michele De Lucchi, will create a campus of overall size 37,000 square metres and accommodating up to 1200 people.

It will further characterise the area around Milan as an ecosystem of excellence in the health sector.

The project began with the construction of the first building, Z-LIFE, and continues with the construction of two towers with space for technologically advanced research laboratories.

Managing a project of this complexity requires the adoption of the innovative methods and technologies of building information modelling (BIM).

Umberto Alesi, di Alesi Design, è stato incaricato del BIM Management del progetto per conto di Arcadis Italia.

Client: Arcadis Italia

BIM Manager: Umberto Alesi

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