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White-label BIM services

More than 800.000 sq.meters designed for prime logistic and industrial client

White-label BIM services from RIBA stage 3 to 6

With our white-label services, you can trust that you’ll receive a high-quality product that meets all of your needs, no matter what Riba stage you’re at. Read what RIBA stages are in the RIBA plan of work

Superb BIM capabilities

With our superb BIM capabilities, you can simplify and streamline your design and construction projects like never before.

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Looking to optimize your construction or architectural project with the latest BIM technologies?

Look no further than Alesi Design. As a trusted partner, we’re dedicated to providing innovative design solutions that generate long-term value for our clients. Our comprehensive range of services includes BIM and HBIM management, digital asset lifecycle management, information capital, and information management plans related to BIM.

If you’re a construction company with over 100 employees or an architect looking to create detailed 3D models for your project, we’re here to help.

Our team of experts is experienced in using BIM technologies to optimize design and construction processes and reduce costs, ensuring that your project is both efficient and effective.

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About us

Our company, Alesi Design, positions itself as a leading architectural design company and a trusted partner with the goal of creating innovative design solutions that generate long-term value for our clients.

The company is based on a solid team of design professionals who, since 1994, have been working on small and large projects nationally and internationally.


The founder, Umberto Alesi, is a registered architect on the Italian register and a member of the Royal Institute of British Architects.

A pioneer in the adoption of digital technologies, Umberto is an expert in Building Information Modelling and a RICS chartered BIM manager.

Meet the team

Umberto Alesi

Founder, BIM expert, Design manager

Nazzareno Concetti

Senior Architect

Mirko Sorbo

Senior Architect, BIM Coordinator

Simone Raineri

Project manager, BIM Specialist

Paolo Cavaniglia

Senior Architect, BIM Specialist

Marina Mariani

Junior Architect, BIM Specialist

Alessia Pilota

Architect, Project Manager, BIM manager

Alessandro Alesi

Construction Manager

Marco Scoccia

Urban Planner, GIS Specialist

Armando Del Santo

Senior Architect, BIM Coordinator

Diamant Shehu

Junior Architect, BIM Specialist

Stefano Scalella

Mixed Reality Engineer

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