Proposal for the new Italian Embassy in Tirana (Albania)

The proposal integrates Italian history and essence into the overall architectural structure with the most advanced technologies and combines them in a unique way by redefining the urban space in which it stands. 

Italy is the noise of the silence of history and art that you inhale in museums or archaeological parks, but also the inexhaustible flash of the most avant-garde design. 

This internal tension generates a traction that breaks the rigid block of an ideal public building into two portions that reveal its dual nature. 

The outer one is elegant and modern, made up of a hi-tech “skin” of steel and glass with high energy performance that protects the building and welcomes and reflects the life and buildings of the city that surround it. 

The innermost one reveals a bold heart with a noble soul. The tradition and history of Italian culture is honoured by the element which, with its soft shapes and structural efficiency, embodies and recognisably defines the required and desired Italian spirit: the arch, which becomes the rhythm that shapes the internal facades of the building. 

(Third place project) 

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